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Carpet and Upholstery Heated Cleaners and Extractors

Professionals & homeowners favorite carpet, upholstery and auto detailing / boat detailing carpet & upholstery cleaning system. Very portable, very powerful, heated, efficient and easy to use.
Aztec Heated Mini Extractor - Aztec Hot Rod - Heated Carpet and Upholstery Heated Cleaner and Extractor
Aztec Heated Cleaner & Mini Extractor - The Aztec Hot Rod

The Aztec Hot Rod - Heated Mini Extractor - $879.00 - Auto Detailers and Boat Detailers Favorite!

Aztec Heated Mini Extractor - Aztec Hot Rod - Heated Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner and Extractor

Aztec heated extractors and carpet / upholstery cleaners

Aztec Mini Heated Cleaner & Extractor Features
Heated Spotter Specifications:
Heating Element 1600 Watts
Solution Temperature Up to 200F
Solution Tank Capacity 1.5 Gallon
Recovery Tank Capacity 2.5 Gallon
Vacuum Lift 102"
Piston Pump Output 60 psi
Temperature Detection Lighted indicator
Temperature Regulation Automatic Thermostat
Power Requirements 15 amps
Weight of Unit 18 lbs. w / no solution
Dimensions 17" H x 18" L x 13" W
Warranty 3 Year limited
Hot Rod Manual (PDF) View / Download
Heats up to 200F in minutes
Produces 102" of Vacuum / Extraction Lift
60 PSI of Heated Solution Spray Power
Weighs only 18 lbs. empty
16' Vacuum & Spray Hose w/ 3" Stainless Steel cleaning Tool included
3 Year Limited Warranty
Suggested Applications
Auto Detailing, Boat Detailing -
Mass Transit Interiors and more...
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning -
High Traffic Lane Cleaning and more...


By far another of the highest powered portable vacuum carpet and upholstery heated cleaners available with an amazing 102" of extraction lift. The ideal upholstery and carpet heated cleaner and extractor for auto detailing, commercial and household carpet and upholstery cleaning. The Aztec Hot Rod is a VERY valuable cleaning unit to have as part of your total floor, carpet auto or boat maintenance and cleaning program. The optional full size 52" carpet cleaning floor wand makes this an all purpose carpet and upholstery cleaning system.The Aztec Hot Rod - Heated Mini Extractor - Heated Carpet and Upholstery Heated Cleaner and Extractor

Heats up to 200 degrees in minutes - Hot water cleans up to 8x faster than room temperature water.

Deep cleans carpets and upholstery better - Powerful vacuum pulls out more dirt and moisture faster.

Most soil not picked up by a vacuum cleaner is bonded to the carpet by some type of oil or grease. When subjected to a high temperature cleaning solution these oily soils are more easily removed.

Panel Lights -
Toggle switch to "Heat." The panel light will go on. When heating cycle reaches maximum operating temperature, light will go off, Toggle to "Vacuum" and begin cleaning!


One of the strongest Vacuum / Extractors offered in the Industry... With 102 inches of extraction and lift power

MADE IN THE USADesigned for Auto, Boat and all types of Detailing AND carpet and upholstery cleaning;

  • All Stainless Steel Cleaning Tool
  • 16 ft. Vacuum and Spray Hoses reach all areas of the biggest SUV's
  • Piston pump delivers 60 psi
  • 102" of Vacuum Lift
  • Extra long 50 ft. 12 Gauge Cord
  • 2.5 Gallon Recovery Tank
  • 1.5 Gallon Solution Tanks
  • Three 2" Heavy Duty Swivel Casters for easy movement
  • Light weight and portable - weighs only 18 pounds without solution
  • Optional Stainless Steel Carpet Floor Wand - $199.00 - view and order below

The Aztec Hot Rod Heated Mini Extractor - Price: $879.00

The Aztec Hot Rod is Proudly Made to order in the U.S.A.
Please Contact us directly for ordering
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Optional Aztec Carpet Cleaning Floor Wand

Aztec Optional Floor and Carpet Cleaning Wand Stainless Steel Floor Wand: The Aztec models are one of the few Mini-Extractors to have an optional heavy duty use Stainless Steel Floor and Carpet Cleaning Wand.

This makes it a very affordable professional heated extractor for the home, office and commercial uses.

The Floor Wand has a unique side handle for ultimate grip, balance and control.

This side mounted handle also enables you to apply additional pressure for deep pile carpet.

  • 8" width see-thru head
  • Stainless steel glides on Lexan see-thru head
  • 48" stainless steel handle
  • Unique side handle

Aztec Optional Stainless Carpet Cleaning Floor Wand - Price: $199.00


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